Sensual Embodiment

Hey beautiful Sister

Welcome and thank you for showing up beautiful sister. I feel so blessed to be moving along this journey with you and that you have a longing to take my offering with you. Thank you! 
This is a series of guided practices, meditations and explorations for supporting you in dropping deeper into your body, your sensuality, and connection to self and pleasure.
It has been such a joy and pleasure to create this series and I would soooo love for them to journey out into the world blessing each sister with every breath.

The content is here for you to use and work through at your own pace; be that everyday, twice a day, every few days or once a week. My longing is for this to be a resource, not for it to be another added pressure. Use it in the way that feels right for you, that ignites and inspires you.
You could create a daily practice of sensual movement, shaking, moving energy, and guided meditations. Or maybe you want to alternate between them.
Explore what feels good and supportive for you. If it's the meditations that feel good then maybe use them everyday. If its the movement practices that are really supportive then use them more.
Let the wisdom of your own body and heart guide you, and use this content as inspiration and flavours you can then mix and use as you wish.

Course content

  • 1

    Welcome Overview

    • Welcome and overview

  • 2

    ~ Guided Meditations ~

    • ~ Heart, Womb, Yoni meditation ~ 17mins

    • ~ Guided Breast Meditation ~ 15mins

    • ~ Womb Meditation ~ 18mins

  • 3

    ~ Shaking and Moving Energy practice ~

    • Intro to the practice

    • Shaking practice demo video

    • Moving Energy video demo

    • ~ Shaking and Moving Energy practice: Guided Audio ~ 14min

    • Guided Shake 7min

    • Guided Moving Energy practice 9min

  • 4

    ~ Gentle Sensual Movement practices ~

    • ~ Simple free flow sensual movement practice ~ 8min

    • ~ Sensual Earth movement practice ~ 8min

    • ~ Sensual Earth Cat Cow practice ~ 8min

    • ~ Soft sensual movement practice ~ 10min

    • ~ Sensual Embodiment session ~ 1hour

  • 5

    ~ Connecting to your Yoni ~

    • Intro to the ~ Connecting with your Yoni ~ practices

    • Witnessing your vulva

    • ~ Guided Yoni exploration with music ~ 30mins

    • ~ Being and moving from your Vagina ~

    • ~ Self pleasure practice ~ 25min

    • ~ Creating your own pleasure practice ~

  • 6

    ~ Yoni/Vulva images ~

    • Yoni Drawings by Larissa

    • Some samples of "The Great Wall of Vagina" by Jamie McCartney

    • 100 Vaginas

    • Links to "The Great Wall of Vagina" and "100 Vaginas"